Commencement Locations

First Congregational Church
1881, 1933-1934 (January Classes)

Port Huron City Opera House
1882-1897, 1909

Port Huron Armory
1894, 1923-1924

City Auditorium / High School Gym
1889-1907, 1911-1919, 1938-1949

Majestic Theater
1908, 1910, 1920-1922

Desmond Theater
1925-1937 (June Classes)

1st Methodist Episcopal
1932 (January Class)

Memorial Stadium

McMorran Place

Marche Romaine- Gounod

Mache Pontificale – Gounod

From 1938 to 1965 Port Huron High School used three pieces of music for its graduation ceremony; Pomp and Chivalry by Charles Richards, Mach Romaine by Gounod and March Pontificale also by Gounod.

In 1966, Port Huron High would switch its graduation ceremonies to McMorran Arena and with it its music selection. From then on Pomp and Circumstance and Trumpet Voluntary dominated many of the ceremonies.

Commencement 1963

“It is not necessary to light a candle in the sun but, in the abyss of darkness, there remains nothing to mankind other than to wander aimlessly, to grope and not to find. All the darkness in the world can’t hide the light of a single candle. The darkness is ignorance, the light is learning. From one candle, many candles are lit, signifying the growth of knowledge, of learning, from one small individual contribution to many so as to create a greater light representing a progressive people.”

Port Huron High School started using a candle procession at the Centennial Commencement Ceremony in 1968.