Fight Song

Fight Song

Elmer Hess the orchestra leader in collaboration with a student from Western Michigan University composed music for the school song in 1930. Up until this time Port Huron High School had no school song. The Lighthouse held a contest for students to come up with the words to the music.

Fight Song

The winner was John McWilliams member of the senior class of 1931. There is little evidence of the school after and it would a mere ten years later that our official school fight song would emerge.

Fight Song

Orville Payton, older brother of future long time band director Eric Payton wrote the Port Huron High School Fight Song. This was the second documented attempt to bring about a school song.

The 1931 song did not stick around however because it was too difficult to play.

It wasn’t until 1941 that another school wide contest was held to write a school song and this time a student Orville Payton wrote the music as well. It is the Red and White Fight Song that we still use today.

School Song
Come on and—Join our song for
Port Huron High,
The best school in this land.

Grand and glorious we’ll be victorious,
The Red and white shall stand.

Oh she’s tbs stronghold of our community
She stands for all that’s right.
So fight, fight boys for Alma Mater,
And show them with our might.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
On to victory.
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Shall our watchword be.

So come on join our song for
Port Huron High.
Champions now are we.

So fight, fight boys for Alma Mater
And sing for victory!

Fight Song

The school fight song originally was tilted “School Song” and that is the way it was printed in all of the publications until a school wide contest renamed it to “The Red-White Fight Song” in 1949.