Baseball started at Port Huron High around 1900 with scrub games in vacant lots. The first organized baseball games were played at southwest corner of Griswold and Seventh streets about 1912 to 1920. In 1920 the teams moved to Watkins Field in South Park. Baseball was played in South Park on what is now the Presto-Lite parking lot. The field was the one that was used by the Port Huron team in the old Michigan Ontario League and when the team disbanded the high school obtained the field.

In spite of the inconveniences, baseball was a very popular sport in high school. Port Huron High would always play the best teams like: Flint Northern, Flint Central, Kalamazoo, Ferndale, Fordson, Royal Oak, and many other smaller schools. In the year 1947, baseball games were played at memorial Park Field. Now they had a fine and beautiful field and club house. When they went to away games, they no longer had to drive them selves, now they had a bus.

At each practice, the baseball team practiced at the site which is now McMorran Sports Arena. They dressed at the high school and then jogged up to the park. Practiced started at 4 o’clock and ended when a train passed the park at a quarter after seven. The practice field was too small for baseball. There was a bush in right-center field. The right field foul line extended across the park road and the pitcher had to wait for a car to go through before they pitched the ball. Once in a while someone would run into a car or hit the ball on a upper porch. Opponents from other cities didn’t like the field because of a continuously cold northeast wind that came from the lake. The baseball team hardly ever played a game during normal weather. In the year 1949, the Port Huron Baseball team moved to Memorial Park. The park had much better playing conditions. The only thing that was wrong with playing and practicing at Memorial Park was, there was also three other teams playing there.


Watkins Field



Progressive Era Team Photos
Prohibition Era Team Photos
Eastern Michigan League Champs 1973, 1988
District & Regionals Champs 1988 State Final Four 1988
City Champs 1974, 1975, 1980
Most Wins – Season 21 1988
Most Shut Outs 9 1973
Most Hits – Team 268 2013
Highest Batting Average Dan Wynn .500 2001
Ravin Randall .500 2013
Most Hits – Individual Evan Wagner 46 2013
Most Hits – Team 268 2013
Most Runs Scored – Individual Evan Wagner 40 2013
Most Runs Scored – Team 219 2013
Most Runs Batted In Evan Wagner 34 2013
Most Stolen Bases David Seppo 24 2010
BB’s Clinton Fay 38 2000
Most Innings Pitched Brian Fowler 90.1 1997
Most Wins – Year D. Dusellier 8 197
Brian Fowler 8 1997
T. Lawson 8 1988
Most Wins – Career T Lawson 18 1986,’87, ’88
Saves Scott Duckworth 5 1991
Runs Allowed Dave Dusellier 3 1973
Most Strike Outs T. Lawson 124 1988
Least Earned Runs D. Dusellier 1 1973
Lowest ERA D. Dusellier .130 1973
Most Shut Outs D. Dusellier 6 1973
No Hitter Marty Prevost, Sr. 1 1975
T. Lawson 1-9Inn PHN 1988
1905-1910 J.J. Schmitt No RECORDS
1911-1917 Tubby Meyers No RECORDS
1918 McIntosh No RECORDS
1919-1923 Tubby Meyers No RECORDS
1924-1931 Sod French No RECORDS
1932-42 Willard Blackney (100-14 ’31-’39)
1943 Frank Secory No RECORDS
1944-1946 Al Dimon No RECORDS
1947-71 John Heering 158-157-1
1972-1980 Dick Hillaker 99-91-1
1982-1995 Dick Hillaker 171-124-1 (270-215-2)
1996-2002 Tim Owens 89-122
2003-2008 Scott Nichols 83-75
2009-2014 Adam Hoskins 80-105


Goes to the boy who in the opinion of his teammates and coaches, was the outstanding baseball player on the team. This is one of our oldest spring awards.

1967 Charles Cook
1968 Martin Lester
1969 Mike Loxton
1970 Dave Fowler, Terry Stroh
1971 Dave Fowler
1972 Steve Lewis
1973 Dave Dusellier
1974 Rick Napolitian
1975 Steve Letzgus
1976 Steve Stocker
1977 Steve Gerstenberger
1978 Douglas Patrick
1979 Howard Price
1980 Howard Price, Tom Ceglarek
1981 No Sports
1982 Dan Gates
1983 Steve Emery
1984 Todd Lawson
1985 Kurt Hoffman
1986 Ron Cook, Pat Zehl

1987 Trevor Lawson
1988 Trevor Lawson
1989 Jeff Dennis
1990 Ryan Mullins
1991 Ryan Mullins, Alpha Wetzel
1992 Aaron Carpenter, Morris Hall
1993 Jim Hewitt
1994 None
1995 Steve Seppo
1996 Dave Almendarez, Jayson Hedberg
1997 Brian Fowler
1998 Steve Hunt
1999 Greg Fowler
2000 Mike Schindler, Eric Campbell
2001 Eric Campbell
2002 John Halliday
2003 Jack Gaulinski
2004 Larry Roelens
2005 Jason Torgerson
2006 Zac Ostrander
2007 N/A
2008 Jordan Galanos
2009 Anthony Ingle
2010 Greg Marshall, Tyler Rowbotham
2011 Tyler Rowbotham
2012 Evan Wagner
2013 Evan Wagner, Raven Randall
2014 Ravin Randall



1967 Matt Cortese
1970 Mark Secory
1971 Don Fowler
1972 Steve Lewis
1973 Pete Ruiz, Denny VanConant
1974 Pat Hunt, Tim Lynch
1975 Steve Letzgus, Tom Seppo
1976 Tony Pearson, Steve Stocker, Dave Thomas
1977 Steve Gerstenberger, Bob Jury
1978 Dave Elliott, Ray Spigner
1979 Jim Bradbury, Greg Kern
1980 Tom Bradbury, Tom Ceglarek, Howard Price
1981 No Sports
1982 Bill Beyes, Dan Johnston, Frank Rotondi
1983 Ted Chickonowski, Gordie Dunlap, Steve Emery
1984 Todd Lawson
1985 Kurt Hoffman
1986 Ron Cook, Todd May, John Johnson
1987 Tim Baker, Greg Randall, Tom Wilson
1988 Tom Wilson, Trevor Lawson
1989 Jeff Dennis, Dennis Fowler, Brett Mullins
1990 Ryan Mullins
1991 Ryan Mullins, Alpha Wetzel
1992 Aaron Carpenter, Matt Scheffler, Chris Ward
1993 Morris Hall, Jim Hewitt
1994 Larry Herriman, Dave Seppo
1995 Steve Seppo, Geoff Roberts
1996 Dave Almendarez, Marty Prevost
1997 Brian Fowler, Shane Tallmadge, Chris Kunst
1998 Steve Hunt, Jeff Warsinski, Mike Daldine
1999 Greg Fowler, Corey Hunt
2000 Steve Ganhs, Phil Nadolski
2001 Adam Hoskins, Scott Fye
2002 Phil Spencer, Adam Hoskins
2003 Aaron Trendy, John Halliday,Larry Roelens
2004 Larry Roelens, Ryan Murphy, PJ Jackson, Marvin Bowen
2005 Ryan Roelens, Jeremy Smarch, Jason Torgerson
2006 Justin Rhody
2007 N/A
2008 Chris Crimmins, Brad Davies, Mike Page
2009 Jordan Galanos, Drew Page, Anthony Ingle
2010 Nick Johnson, Bryan Hanson
2011 Bryan Hanson, Tyler Rowbotham
2012 Josh Feher, Kyle Moran, Tyler Rowbotham
2013 Evan Wagner, Michael Hilliker
2014 Patrick Jehl, Ravin Randall