BasketballBasketball started in about 1908. Games were played on the third floor of the old K. of C. Hall (or old Armory) which was the northwest corner of Huron Avenue and Murphy Boulevard. Washington Junior High School was their Home until 1935. Very few people went to these games at the Washington Junior High School. When the old Monarch Bowling Alley, was remolded they took the second floor out of the bowling alley and made a gymnasium. This was the first time that Port Huron High School could have a physical education class. In the late 1920’s Port Huron High School’s schedules were mostly made up of schools from the Detroit area. They were a member of the South Eastern League. There were 17 schools in the Detroit area that made up this league. In the 1930’s to the 1940’s many of the leading teams in the state were added to their schedule including: Saginaw, Lansing Central, Pontiac, Gross Pointe, Royal Oak, and etc.. From 1930 to 1940, the Big Reds won eight regional. Interest began to go up. People tried to get into the games but couldn’t because the gym wouldn’t hold enough. This helped to get a new school.



PH v EDT – 1959-60

K. of C. Hall

PH v Birmingham 1962

PH v ROK – 1961-62

PH v PHN – 1965-66

PH v WL – 1965-66

PH v Marysville – 1970

PH v Stevenson – 1970

PH v PHN – 1971

PH v Birmingham Seaholm 1973

PH v PHN – 1987-88 1st Half

PH v PHN – 1987-88 2nd Half