The school gave each player pants and a sweater. Each player had to dress at home and then walk to the field. To get to out of town games, the team used interurban street cars and train. The coaches and the player also had to mark off the field each Saturday morning for the game the following day. In the year 1919, games were moved to the north end of Pine Grove Park. The team now could dress at the Y.M.C.A. which was located on sixth Street, and then they would walk to the field. Also in the year 1919, the team was provided with shoulder pads.

During this time, the hardest teams to play against were Detroit Central, Detroit Eastern, and Detroit University School. Other teams the team played against were: Alpena, Ann Arbor, Bay City, Flint, Mt. Clemens, and Saginaw.

Between the years of 1920 and 1930, the Big Red Football team won 28 games and lost 21 games. During this time many new teams were added to the Southeastern Michigan League. The league started with five teams. In the late 1930’s, the membership grew to 17 teams. From this league came the present day leagues: Border City League, Eastern Michigan League, Southeastern League, and the Valley City League.