Girls Athletics

Girl’s Athletic Associations formed in the United States during the response to the Temperance Movement and provided “non-strenuous” and usually non-competitive athletic activity for female students. In many regions of the country these activities would include hiking, biking skating, track, volleyball, swimming, tennis and indoor baseball.

Port Huron High School’s GAA started in 1936 opened with basketball and the season followed up with volleyball, horseback riding, archery, ping-pong, shuffle-board, tap dancing, baseball and tennis. GAA’s ran on point systems and they could have varied from school to school. In the early days girls earned participation points based on how many activity days she logged. This encouraged higher turn outs. At a certain level of points a girl would earn her GAA letter and the highest point earner would earn a trophy. Once Port Huron High School entered the EML a girl would earn her letter by participating in two or more sports.

In 1978 Girls Basketball was brought back as a varsity sport to Port Huron High School. This ended the need for the GAA making 1977 the GAA’s last year at Port Huron High.

Doris Teachout

Miss Teachout served as a physical education teacher at Port Huron High School for 23 years and organized the GAA during that time. She was the supervisor for the girls and women’s activities at the Recreation Department from 1942 until 1961.

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