Memorial Park

1945 marked a new era in the athletic and recreational life of Port Huron, an era born of necessity and accomplished by ingenuity and persistent willingness to sacrifice time and effort for a common cause. Memorial Recreation Park, a memorial to the veterans of World War II, was constructed at a cost of approximately $300,000. The facility include a stadium seating 5,500 people and also lighted for night football games. In the twenty-seven acres, there are also tennis courts, baseball fields, four softball diamonds, practice football fields, and a quarter mile track.

This park was created by several moving forces that brought the project about. Some people that helped make the park possible are: principle C. V. Fowler, athletic director of Port Huron Schools, and Howard D. Crull, superintendent of the Port Huron’s Public schools. Through the prodding of Crull, Fred L. Riggins, Sr. President of the Muller Brass Company, along with other industries, business and professional men, offered to form a pool to start things going. This was the birth of the Port Huron District Foundation.

D. J. Mitchell developed an educational and promotional program. The promotional program paid off. With a backing of sixty-nine organizations with a collective membership of 10,000, a campaign committee to get money to augment the foundation treasury was formed. George C. Higgins, mayor, added $113,00 to the $82,000 already in the foundation treasury. With the money in the bank, the foundation entered into the an agreement with the Board of Education on management and maintenance of the project. The foundation agreed to permit the school board to operate and manage the park for twenty years, while it retained a controlling lease with the stipulation that it would be operated for the benefit of all interested groups, public schools, parochial schools, and non-school groups. At the end of twenty years, the Board of Education would gain full title to the property and facilities. The schools and community have enjoyed the facilities for over sixty years. The Memorial Park is still one of the finest facilities of its kind in the state.